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Hey guys, big thanks for all the help before! I really appreciate how much information I got, it cleared up a lot of things for me.

The color deviation when I switch the Pokemon art from RBG to CMYK isn’t as awful as redbubble was previewing. And I’m going to correct the colors before anything.

Though I made this just now in CMYK for the first time and the colors are just as muddy on redbubble, I have no idea ugh

((Do you use Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI? SAI is amazing when it comes to colors. You should definitely try it, if you haven’t already. I ditched Photoshop completely for it.))


Anonymous asked:

rude anon, rude.

((Exactly. Hiding under a fake anon feature (and I say fake, because there’s a way to unmask anons here with HTML) is absolutely pathetic. Plus, taking advantage of that to hurt people is disgusting.

Also, they think they are the masters of tumblr and can go around telling people to delete their blog. How about I grab a sledge hammer and smash your device? That sounds like a good idea. I’ll add your skull to the list, too!))

((Alright, it’s time for an explanation))

((So, I’ve been rather inactive haven’t I? I apologize to all of you for making you wait. I’ve finally decided to make a post about why I have been so silent. Whether you care or not that I update.

I haven’t been very well. I’ve been through a lot of emotional instability for the last months and that affects my ability to create anything. I’ve lost motivation. I’ve been quite depressed and things have been going on.

I am so sorry that it’s been affecting this blog, but I just haven’t been able to draw often. I don’t find the desire to grab the stylus and draw. Even if it’s just a doodle, I just can’t.

Until my mind settles, I’m afraid I won’t be posting any art. Again, I apologize, and I hope you understand.

I truly thank you for following me, and showing interest on my art and my interpretation of Zim.
Love you guys.))


Anonymous asked:

I see your not such a fan of GIR. XD Who's your fave character then, besides Zim? [Since apparently we can ask questions to the artist]

((I can’t decide between Gaz and Ms Bitters. I just kind of relate to them. I hate people, and I hate kids in general. If I like a kid, that kid must be really out of this world, and not many stand out to this day to me.))


Anonymous asked:

This is more of a question for the artists, I don't think Zim would want to read it. :3 What is your opinion on ZADr?

((I’ll give an elaborate opinion instead of just saying the usual “It’s gross.”

First off, I’m not into romance. Any kind of ship just somewhat repulses me. it’s like being forced to watch a couple being lovey-dovey in public. Eugh.

Second, it’s pedophilia. Why - you ask? An over hundred year old alien paired with a 11 year old or whatever Dib’s age is. Just… no. It’s so wrong in so many levels.

Third, they’re enemies. Most precisely, frenemies. They’re enemies, but friends in denial. They need each other to feel their time is worthwhile. That does NOT MEAN there’s instantly ROMANCE INVOLVED. I don’t understand people’s needs to shove icky romance everywhere. It’s so sickening and just… SO common, it’s not original anymore. They’re meant to be at each other’s throats. They’re rivals, NOT lovers. Just picturing them being cute to each other makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

And that is why ZADR is a despicable ship.
Thank you.

Make sure to take this as an OPINION. Whatever you’re into is none of my business. If it makes you happy to like ZADR, good for you! Just don’t shove it down my throat.))

I need to follow more blogs NOAW


Alright then. I need to follow more blogs, my dash is an insane mess. Reblog if you post:

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Other Minecraft Youtubers such as MunchingBrotato and Bashur

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or Pokemon

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